Barbados online


Governo di Barbados
Government of Barbados Information Network
The information portal of the government of Barbados. In English.


Banca Centrale di Barbados
Central Bank of Barbados
All about economics, finance, currencies and foreign exchange at the Central Bank of Barbados website. In English.


Barbadian o Bajan
Barbadian or Bajan
To learn more about Barbadian or Bajan, the inhabitants of Barbados. In English.


Barbados Yacht Club
The Barbados Yacht Club
Those arriving in the Caribbean by boat or planning to charter one locally should not miss a visit to the Barbados Yacht Club, founded back in 1924. English.


Storia di Barbados
The Abbreviated History Of Barbados
Barbados history pages: from prehistory to independence. In English.


Pine Hill Dairy Barbados
Pine Hill Dairy
When milk is mentioned, one imagines mountains and alpine valleys. Instead, even in Barbados, in the middle of the Caribbean, there is a popular producer of milk and yogurt. In English.


Ricette di Barbados
Barbados Recipes
Recipes for typical Barbados dishes to recreate Caribbean atmospheres at home. In English.


Mount Gay Rum Barbados
Mount Gay Rum
This fine rum has been produced since 1709 and is rightly called ‘the rum that invented rum’. An interesting and enjoyable site to visit. In English.


Graeme hall national park Barbados
he Graeme Hall Wetland is one of the few remaining wetlands and the last significant mangrove forest in Barbados. It is critical habitat for the Golden Warbler, an endemic bird species of Barbados, which are endangered.




Giornali Barbados Nation News
One of the most widely circulated newspapers in Barbados. News, classifieds and also lots of advertising. In English.



Giornali Barbados Advocate

Historic economic-financial newspaper published since 1895. Interesting for those who want to invest in Barbados. In English.



Giornali Voice of Barbados
On the site you can read news, download podcasts or listen to live radio. In English.



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