When to go

 Barbados it has a tropical climate, which sees the alternation of two main seasons: a fresher and drier one, which goes more or less from December to the end of April, and the other warmer and more humid, which begins in May and lasts until November. The best time for a beach holiday in Barbados it is certainly winter, when temperatures rarely rise above 28 ° C, the humidity rate is acceptable and the skies are almost always clear and sunny, except for a few afternoon showers.The driest and most pleasant season, however, coincides with the high tourist season; those who do not want to deal with higher prices, would do better to avoid the winter months but also August, month in which, despite the sultry climate, there is another peak in attendance.May is a reasonable compromise. The weather is still good, although the humidity begins to be felt; the advantage is that there are few people around and room prices plummet. June and July, in the middle of the hot season, are still months suitable for the trip, provided that you leave already predisposed to cloudy days, a few more rain and, above all, to the heat that glues your clothes on.September and October are the worst months ever and it is in this period that the peak of hurricanes is recorded in the Caribbean region. Due to its geographical position, Barbados is however an island with low risk of hurricanes and has rarely been hit by the extreme and devastating phenomena that have instead affected the northernmost islands.On the UK government’s Travel Abroad site and the US government’s Travel Advisory site you will find the latest information and weather alert messages. For current conditions, forecasts for the next few days and historical weather data, you can consult Meteoblue. 


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